Remembering Rasheed Yakubu, the physician….

A Note from a Patient

Where do I start??  Well I was diagnosed with endometriosis in December of 2012 and was told by this guy…this physician… (Dr. Rasheed Yakubu) that I had to have surgery soon as possible I looked up at him and said I can’t do this. He said, “Don’t worry I will be there with you every step of the way.” Needless to say, he did just that over the course of 3 years of knowing him and being one of his favorite patients (as he and the nurses would say).

We built a close friendship over time. He no longer was addressed as Dr. Yakubu but Rasheed lol. I looked at Rasheed as more than just a doctor to me. He was a friend/father figure to me at some of the worse points in my life, he was always there to tell me to pick my head and be the strong woman that he knows and sees me as.

One day I asked him “Do you ever have a down day? Every time I see you you’re always smiling.”, he laughed and told me that whatever you’re going through that I should always smile because the world doesn’t need to see or know your troubles. I took that advice and ran with it as a life lesson. He was always the one who encouraged me to follow my dreams and to finish school I was so glad that he could be part of my graduation day from trade school. I think he was more excited than I was because he beat me there to the ceremony lol.

I can honestly say that I will never find another doctor/friend. I miss those days where I could just vent and he would sit there and he would just listen and sometimes laugh at me which was ok because we laughed at each other.  He did his job well and didn’t see you just as a paycheck or patient.  You were an individual to him.  I know he cared about every single patient he had.

Well, my friend is gone, part of me hurts, but I know God needed you more and your time here on earth was done! Today we all will remember you on Your Birthday and will celebrate in memory of you! As I wipe these tears away and get myself together I Wanna Wish you A Happy Birthday Rasheed! Rest in peace Your gone but not forgotten!


Your Favorite patient/Friend
Caroline N Hamrick

2013 Caroline Hamrick with Rasheed Yakubu


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  1. Aleah Mohammed

    Hi how are you, I am a past patient of ur husband he delivered both my kids and he was truly the best doctor, the first time I met him was 2005 in Jamaica hospital, I ask for a doctor caus I was in pain and he laughed at me saying he was the doctor dressed as a nurse. He was truly a gem, after delivering my first child I was unable to walk and he gave me a band for my stomach, it was really thoughtful cause all the other doctors didn’t care, it hurts to hear of your loss, cause I spoke to him last year when he came to NY, he asked me for roti, and I bought it and my husband and I went to visit him, I also finally graduated pharmacy school cause told me that always go for my dreams and I did he knew I wanted to be a pharmacist and I finally did it all with his faith in me, I wish you and your three beautiful kids all the best and your husband is watching down on u everyday, cause he was an angel placed in earth. Take care of yourself and hold your head up high cause he is always at your side.

    • ryakubup

      Thank you Aleah! I know he always wanted to go to Trinidad for carnival and it just didn’t work out each time. Thank you for sharing your memories of my dear husband.


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