Our official beginning…Rasheed & Rachelle

We first met at my parents home in May of 1996.  He came with his sister.  He had just come from Nigeria to begin undergrad at University of South Florida.   I too, was attending USF as a sophomore.    I wasn’t interested at first but Rasheed kept coming to my parents house.  The more I ignored him, the more he made his presence known.  I would also see him at times on campus at USF and would just say “hi and bye”.  We kept ending up in the same circles.  On October 5, 1996,  we began looking at a each other a bit differently.  Our courtship began…

Here’s an account from us as to how our relationship began.  I started with my account and he ended with his.Intro

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  1. Clare C

    Sis, I applaud your strength and tenacity. I am so sorry that you have experienced this. I will continue to pray for you and the family. Hugs!


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