It’s dry erase calendar…ohhh and its magnetic!

You may remember our family dry erase magnetic calendar here.

This time I decided to make another dry erase magnetic calendar but for my daughters room.


dry erase magnetic calendar


Glass frame of your choice

Paint chips (ask a representative at your local paint or hardware store)

Sheet metal

Spray paint

Measuring tape

Metal cutters


For calendar numbers:

1″ wood circle discs from Michaels

Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge Dimensional magic 

1″ circle punch

Printer or digital cutting machine


Heavy duty ceramic magnets

Gorilla Glue or something similar 


 I saw a frame with rhinestones on it on clearance in Hobby Lobby some time ago and just knew I’d make use of it somehow.

dry erase magnetic calendar


To remove backing first cut protection paper along the inner portion of the frame.

You will then need a flat head screwdriver to pop the staples out.  I kept two sides of staples on (bottom and side).

It will be easier to remove the cardboard backing once the staples are removed.  KEEP the cardboard.

dry erase magnetic calendar

Remove the thin wood strips that hold the glass down.

You will need to take these out to place the galvanized sheet directly onto the glass.

dry erase magnetic calendar

There may be small nails on the side after removing the wood strips.  Pull them out will a pliers.

dry erase magnetic calendar

I purchased a 24″x36″ galvanized sheet from Lowes in the AC/HVAC section.

Measure the dimension of the glass and subtract 1/4″ from each side.

Draw the measurements with a permanent marker and cut along the line of the metal sheet with a pair of snips.

To be safe wear working gloves and .

dry erase magnetic calendar

Here’s what it looks like after I cut it.

dry erase magnetic calendar

To be sure the sheet fits the frame, you can now do a dry fit before moving on.

dry erase magnetic calendar

Stay tuned for Part II “Completing the Calendar”


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  1. Sandra

    Did you make a part 2? I’m dying to know if/how magnets work through the glass.


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