National Breastfeeding Month ~ Mint Hill, NC Photographer


August is National Breastfeeding Month!!

The  American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends breastfeeding for a baby’s first year.  Human milk was made for babies.  What makes it so special is that it has over 200 components in it that can’t be replicated by formula or milk from animals.


Benefits for mommies include:

  • saving time and money (that’s a SUPER plus)
  • lower risk of various cancers
  • no period!!
  • burns 500 calories a day (who doesn’t need a boost to loose baby weight?)


Benefits for baby:

  • less flu and/or allergies
  • reduces the chances of childhood obesity
  • less likely to have ear infections
  • constipation is uncommon

Pictured: Baby L and her fabulous mom K
In an interview with Baby L, she stated she loves her mommy’s milk.

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