Star Wars Birthday Party

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

a baby boy was born.   He turned one year older

and wanted to have a Star Wars birthday party!

My son is Star Wars MEGA fan!  When brainstorming what theme he wanted to do for his birthday party, he immediately suggested Star Wars.  Now I knew NOTHING about Star Wars.  Boy did I learn sooooooo much in TWO months!

Darth Vader greeted each guest at the front door:

For the invitations I made Jedi Warrior “tickets”.  Funny thing is that as each Jedi entered the training center (our home), they presented their tickets expecting to get them scanned.  I thought that was sooo cute!! If only I had a barcode scanner.

As guest entered, they were instructed by this:

starwars sign

We needed a cake.   I know how to bake.  So I made one from scratch.  I was inspired by this post which comes comes from Revenge of the Sith (3rd Star Wars movie).   I melted some chocolate chips in the microwave, then spread the mix  on a cookie sheet lined with foil and lightly sprayed.  Then I placed it in the freezer.  To make the lava I used white frosting and added Wilton’s  red icing color and a pinch of purple to make the red a bit darker.  When the melted chocolate cooled, I then broke the chocolate I had frozen into pieces to look like the land was breaking up in the lava.  To place Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, I added little melted frosting at the bottoms of the characters feet to keep them in place.

I thank Pinterest and my son for helping me with naming all the various food and drink items (for more detail photos view album below):

Thermal Detonators: Malt Balls

Death Star Crunch: Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks

Ewok Food: Nigerian Chin chin

Bantha Milk: blue milk in decanter

Vader Veggies: Veggie Platter from supermarket

Light Sabers: Candied Pretzel sticks wrapped in foil at the bottom

Padme Bars: Brownies  Muja Fruit: Apple Dipper packs (from supermarket)

Carbonite Jello: Lime Jello in cups

Leia’s Buns: Honey Buns

Sith Punch: Cherry Kool Aid

Palpatine’s Pizza: pan pizza from Pizza Hut

Yoda Soda: Sprite

CP3Oil: Water bottles that I spray painted gold.

These were my ULTIMATE FAVES!!  This was in the main area of the party:

Snack bar in the theater room.  This kept all Jedi Warriors in one room.  If they needed a snack it was right there for them, so no need to walk about.


I stocked these in the snack bar area of the theater as the kids watch Star Wars on the screen:

If ever an of the Jedi’s drank too much CP3Oil, Sith Punch, or Yoda Soda they knew immediately where to go:

The Jedi’s were assigned various tasks.  One task was light saber training where the Jedi’s worked on their blocks and strikes.   After some intensive training they proved themselves Jedi masters.

The ULTIMATE task was to  save the galaxy.  The Death Star was major threat!

(Death Star Pinata made by my sister)

It had to be destroyed or it would destroy us!  So one by one each Jedi big and small went after the Death Star with all their might!
(The day of the party it POURED!!  So we came  with an indoor alternative to save mankind from the Death Star)

(Photo Courtesy M. Queen)

….. we smacked it….. we creamed it….we DESTROYED it!!   I tell you all the extensive training really helped.
(Photo Courtesy M. Queen)

Here is the complete album from his party.  If you are thinking about doing this theme and would like to use the table tents, wall signs, etc. just let me know and I’ll send you the files.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Ticket Invitations
Ticket Invitations
Birthday boy himself, dressed in character.
Birthday boy himself, dressed in character.
Darth Vader greeted each guest at the front door.
Darth Vader greeted each guest at the front door.
My girls dressed as Princess Leia.
My girls dressed as Princess Leia.
Yes, Mommy was Princess Leah. I couldn't do the hair thing for Shmi Skywalker Lars.
Yes, Mommy was Princess Leah. I couldn't do the hair thing for Shmi Skywalker Lars.
Goodie Boxes from Party City
Goodie Boxes from Party City
Cups from Walmart
Cups from Walmart
Darth Vader heads from Target
Darth Vader heads from Target


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  1. innocent

    Rachelle this is awesome, I am going to bookmark this

  2. Megan

    Where did you get the Yoda Soda and C3PO Oil labels?? Love them!! I’m planning a party for my son!

  3. Wendy

    Your photography is great! I am doing a party for my son. Would you be so kind to share the party printables you created? Thanks in advance Wendy!

  4. Jennifer Dennis

    This is such an awesome party. You did an amazing job with everything. I am throwing a party for my son this month and if there is anyway you can share the printables with me that would so amazing and appreciated. Thank you again for all the amazing ideas. Plus I love your Photographs you take beautiful Pictures. I have seen them in the hospital on the walls and a lot of my friends have had you photograph pictures for them. Thank you in advance.
    Jennifer Dennis

  5. christi

    What an amazing job! We are doing a party at the end of October and would love to have the files if possible. thanks so much for posting!!


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