Tuesday’s Tresses – Valentine’s Edition

It is so amazing how we can take a canvas and create amazing styles. Today, I am not only featuring my creation for Valentine’s Day but also from various members of Cornrows and Pigtails. All I can say is talent, talent, and some more talent.   Not only are we celebrating Valentine’s Day but also Black History Month.   We are keeping the traditions of our ancestors each time we braid our daughters hair.

Here is what I created in the name of Love Day


Lady A’s style by her mommy and owner of Hartylin Kids.  Lady A wanted to be sure you checked out her beads.

Ms. K is loving her current style!

Mommy of Whitney Pointe Photography went for soft curves.


Ms. T’s daughters sported cornrowed pony’s.


Princess H loved her split style with cornrows, and plaits.  The heart was the part.

Big sis K and little sis K really brought it in big.  Not only did their mommy create a heart hairstyles for them but they also completed the look with matching outfits.

Here is another creation by for Miss M

Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.  Mama M.  Consider this snatched!  She made a heart shape AND incorporated ribbons in the braids.

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  1. Pam

    Thanks for featuring us! Love all the “love” put into every little one’s hair!! <3


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