On the home front…


So many times I write a grocery list and lose the sheet of paper.  I even doing the grocery list app on my phone.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either because I’m not the one that does the groceries most times.  Here’s what works for us.  I purchased the dorm mirror from Target for about $15 in hopes of creating Ballard Designs knock-off.  Well, a friend of mine gave me a better idea of what I should do (thanks Dedra).    I had all the intentions of returning the mirror back to Target.  Months went by and I thought “I’m stuck with it now.  What do I do with it”.  I had a eureka moment.  I made a chalkboard…

I took these two elements:

Oh and we can’t forget something to write with:

To get this:

It works great right on the pantry door.   As items need to be restocked, I just write it on the board.  Eezy peezy

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  1. Aisha P.

    I love this idea! I was thinking about doing a chalkboard wall in Kynnedi’s room but I love this idea!


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