Family Dry Erase Calendar …mmmmm pinteresting

When you have a large family it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s schedules.  I decided to go on a hunt for ideas. I saw a family calendar ideas at Make it Love itInfarrantly Creative,  PSA Stamp Camp, and Nanny Goat .   Their blogs further confirmed that I could try to do it.

I went to my local Goodwill and purchase a large glass frame that had printed art for $15 and another large frame at another Goodwill for $7  for one of my daughters.

Here are some quick cellphone snaps… The frame was originally gold.

I first sanded the frame and primed it with Color Stain Primer.   I mixed a few acrylic paints to get the right shade of charcoal gray to my liking.   Once I was done I added a clear poly acrylic paint to protect the finish.

The hardest part of the project was figuring out the size that I needed the squares to be for the calendar grid.   I used a permanent marker on the inside of the glass and added a piece a sheet metal and wrapped in duck canvas fabric.  You can find sheet metal at Lowe’s.
For the days of the week, I used my label maker.



The numbers were pretty simple to make.  I printed them on a sheet, punched them out with a 1″ hole punch, and  glued them on to wood circles. Then added a resin that when dried looks like clear puff paint (it bubbles up).   When dried it is hard like acrylic nails.  I then added magnets to the back of each number.

So, far we’ve been keeping up with the calendar and make sure important dates are added accordingly.  Each month I simply just erase all the information with water and a paper towel.  I change the month and rearrange the dates.  Viola…eeeaaasy peezy.


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