Mine on Monday

Earlier in the summer we went to see Green Lantern.  Don’t throw tomatoes at me, but I didn’t know what it was.  My kids had to give me background information to keep me abreast with the movie’s synopsis.   Green Lantern is like a totally cool green super hero that helps save the world.

We saw it in 3D which was SUPER cool!

Chick numero 2 was beyond excited…

Here’s Ryan Reynold’s playing Green Lantern

Sinestro underestimated Green Lantern at first.  Later they worked together to save peace between the universe.

Check us out in our hot 3D glasses?

Tell me you don’t remember going to the movies and having to wear these:

Everyone knows when you see a Volkswagen Beetle the “punch buggy” game begins.   My girls had a different rule book on this day.  You have to actually TOUCH the buggy to win.

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