Hairstyle Thursday

It’s been a bit since I posted.  I have been doing the girls hair.  I have been taking photos.  Now, blogging the photos is another story.  I’ll get better at it one day…LOL.

A friend tagged me on her photo a while ago.  It was a photo of her sister’s newest creation.  I loved they style so much, I wanted to try to recreate it on my little one.

Here is the original hairstyle:

Here it is on my daughter:


She loved this style so much she said it reminded her of Princess Tiana.   She wanted to get dressed in her princess costume and wear her tiara.

Well, the princess event didn’t happen.  Things went sour for my daughter and her “princess” hair-do.  Soccer camp started soon after I took the photos.  Everything was okay.  My baby girl was happy.  Until, another little girl on the team decided to take clay dirt and throw it on my child’s hair.  I was soooo not happy.  This style took time to do.

I tried vacuuming the clay dirt.  I also tried washing out the clay dirt with shampoo.  I didn’t want to have to re-braid her hair.  Well, guess what?   Since nothing seemed to work, and I was beyond frustrated, I ended up having to redo her hair. She was NOT happy as she didn’t want to sit to do her hair all over again. Who would?

At first, I thought maybe the child was curious of my daughter’s hair (texture and style) as she had blonde stringy hair.  I even thought, “Hey, its kids.  Kids will do that.”  That night, I did however have a talk with my daughter about speaking up and defending herself.

The next day, I sent her to soccer.  The SAME little girl that threw the dirt at in her hair pulled my child hair. Her pinned bang was undone and looked like who done it.  Again, my daughter was not happy. She told her “You know my mommy had to do my hair again and it made me cry. She fixed it pretty last night and now you messed it up again!!”   The other child replied “Sorry”

My daughter now furious as I asked her to take a photo of what her hair looked like…

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  1. Pam

    First things first…I LOVE both styles! You’re hired to do Sisi’s hair in 3 weeks!! #pleasewithacherryonthetop

    What??? I didn’t know that she had struck again the next day!!! Is she still allowed to be on the team? Dirt throwing? Hair pulling? No Ma’am… she needs to be benched…permanently!!!

    ps. Thanks for getting this Selena Gomez song stuck in my head AGAIN!!!!

  2. Taressa

    Love this hairstyle. I wouldn’t mind rocking that. Good job.

  3. Aisha G of Hartlyn Kids


  4. Oh, I would’ve been HOT you hear me!? You are amazing talented at hairstyling, btw! Have you spoken with the girls parents? Any resolution on what you did to try and prevent her dirt-throwing? I’m curious, cause I can see this happening in the future with my daughter.

    • ryakubup

      I spoke with her mom and she said she was going to have a talk with her daughter. She apologized to me. What I do wish was that her mom made her apologize to my daughter. My daughter’s feelings were hurt and she didn’t want have to wash or do her hair over.

  5. YAY! Booooo. That baby looks NOT HAPPY in the last picture.

  6. Ravensholst

    That style is beautiful but, umm..that lil girl needed a butt whooping it sounds like.


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