Baby N ~ Lawrenceville, GA Photographer

Remember this post here?  Well, those beautiful feet (and hot shoes) belong to the parents  of a handsome little boy I met last month.  Baby N was born as a premie on 09.30.10.  Weighing only 2 lbs.  He stayed in the NICU until he was strong enough to leave.   Though he has had multiple surgeries, he has proven that he is a fighter and he is here to stay.  Meet Baby N….

Baby N


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  1. May

    These are truly beautiful pictures.

  2. Truly a blessing from The Above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I seriously can NOT handle the cuteness of him on the bookshelf! Seriously, my ovaries are twitching!!!

  4. Darleatha Hiers

    I love that baby in the basket!!!! What a gorgeous family!!!


    Que Dieu bénisse notre Bébé.


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