Happy Loc Appreciation Day!!!

Loc Appreciation Day was celebrated on June 25th

You may say “huh, it’s just hair!!”  Well, for Blacks around the diaspora our hair is a journey.  A journey that we embark upon from the day we are born. From the various hair textures, products,  and styles our hair has not only been money making for hair care manufactures but, in America our hair has also been politicized.  Black women from near and far have faced pressures in the workplace and in society for something just as simple as hair.

I had to opportunity to photograph and interview Dani better known as Ravensholst in the internet hair world.  Read what she had to say…

When and why did you decide to start your natural hair journey?

In Nov. of 2001, I decided that I wasn’t going to relax my hair anymore. I didn’t necessarily think I was going to wear it natural but, I just started pressing the roots as it grew out.  In August of 2002 I found Nappturality.com and once I saw all the beautiful heads of natural hair, I couldn’t wait to cut off my straight ends.  In September of 2002 I did the BC (big chop). I felt like a new woman!

Did you have any issues embracing your natural hair? Any fears going natural?

I had NO issues at all about embracing my natural hair. I loved my hair immediately and kicked myself for not having done the BC sooner. I didn’t have any fears because I’d already seen all the styles I could do and how to properly nourish my hair. I was READY!

Tell us about your journey?  What hairstyles did you wear before you went natural?  How did you wear your hair during your natural journey?

Before going natural, I would relax my hair about ever 4-6 wks and either wore a roller set or wrap. As I was transitioning, I wore it pretty much just wrapped. I wore microbraids for a little while but, I had a lot of ponytail days as well. After doing the BC, I wore twists, twistouts, flat twists, and a lot of puffs. I only flat ironed it once.  The New Orleans humidity was not a friend of mine that one time so, I never did it again and to be honest, I didn’t miss it one bit.

Were you ever a product junkie?  What did you use while your hair was loose?  Are you able to use the same products now that you are loc’d?

I started my natural hair journey as a product junkie.  I tried some of everything.  Carol’s daughter, all kinds of gels to get curl definition, etc… but, after awhile I realized that all I needed was some good shea butter and a few staple products.  I definitely do use shea on my locs as much as I used to use it on my loose hair.


When did you decide to loc your hair and why?  Are you able to style your locs?

I decided to loc my hair May 2, 2004.  I’ve always loved locs and thought they were beautiful. I knew one day I’d wear them. When I decided to natural, initially, I was going to go straight to locs but, decided I wanted to play in my loose hair for a while.  I style my locs sometimes but, not as much as I’d like.  I feel like I have so much hair that sometimes, I get overwhelmed.  I do curl them sometimes with perm rods or pipe cleaners.  I also wear it braided and then wear a braidout.  I’ve played with updos in the past but, I mostly just wear them down and straight.

What products do you currently use for you locs? Are some better than others?

Now, that I’m loc’d, I’ve mainly used Jamaican Mango and Lime Loc Gel.  Currently am using Jane Carter Twist & Loc Cream and Shea Moisture Shampoo. I like the hold of a loc gel better than most creams and butters but, I AM liking the Jane Carter Cream. I guess everyone likes something different so, I can’t say, definitively, that one is better than the other.

Overall, I’ve loved my natural hair from day 1 and know that I’ll be natural forever and hopefully my daughter will follow in mommy’s natural hair footsteps. 😉

As you are loc’d, do you plan to loc your daughters hair any time soon or will you allow her to make that decision when she’s older?

Her dad and I don’t plan on loc’ing our daughter’s hair anytime soon.  We want her to be old enough to make that call for herself.

SN: Isn’t Little Miss A a cutie?

To view photos or videos  of Dani’s hair journey through years you can check her out on the following sites:





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  1. Michelle

    Nice photo, and Ms Alyssa is sooo cute.

    Love the hair Dani!!!!!! BTW where did you find the Jane Carter Loc cream?

  2. Natalie

    I love the interview and photos Rachelle. As usual, AWESOME job!

  3. Danielle

    @Michelle- J’s sister bought us a lot of the Jane Carter twist & lock cream from the natural hair show in Atlanta few months ago.

  4. Kimberly Wilson

    Beautiful pictures!


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