Every beginning has an end…

Events throughout our lives at times take days, weeks, months, or years.  All are reminders that time waits for us not, it just keeps ticking.  Many times, we as humans put our goals on the back burner and say “I’ll start tomorrow”.   The sun rises and the sun sets.  Months go by and turn to years until our clock stops ticking.  Relationships with love ones are never mended.  Families are broken.  We say we want to travel the world but never apply for a passport.  Life happens but life is SHORT.

Candy Chang, a public installation artist, with the help of friends turned this abandoned house into a bucket list.  The home located New Orleans 900 Marigny at Burgundy became a chalkboard of goals of those near and far.




Here are some things people want to do before they die.


After just THREE days the wall was FULL of goals and wishes.

As Kris Allen says…

We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to
Turn it all around or to throw it all away
We gotta tell them that we love them
While we got the chance to say
Gotta live like we’re dying

Please visit Candy Chang’s site to view this project and more.

So, what’s on your bucket list?

I know one of them is to have a photo session with Rachelle Yakubu Photography! ; )



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