Mine on Monday ~ North Carolina, Photographer

My oldest mister had to do a family genealogy project.  Boy was it intense.  Thank goodness the project was assigned a whole TWO months in advance.  He had to do tons of interviews, organize it all in book form, and do a 5 minute presentation in class.  For extra credit you could dress in your family’s traditional attire.  Daddy’s side is from Nigeria and Mommy’s side is from Haiti.  Everything he had from Nigeria was too small.  My child looked like a Nigerian version of Michael Jackson with the high waters.  He ended up going with the Haitian attire of the gwabel and a fedora hat – classic Haitian man.

We worked really hard on his family tree.  Getting photos from family members was not an easy task.

Both, his sisters came to support him.  Only one sat studiously with her purse nearby.  The other, well she made her presence known.

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