Christmas, the day that holds all time together

C is for the Christ who came  to this earth.
H is for the harps that rang at our Saviour’s birth.
R is for the ringing bells, telling Christmas-tide.
I is for the crystal ice where we go to slide.
S is for the schoolboy’s sled when a he coasting goes.
T is for poor Tommy Jones – Jack Frost bit his nose.
M is for the merry part of Christmas,
A is for the apple pies Grandma put away.
S is for old Santa Claus, coming here to-night.

Hope he’ll wait till nearly morn, so it will be light.

Our Holiday Season 2010…

The mister and I in Neuva York in November…

How many attempts does it take to get the perfect shot of the children?  Sigh…

My niece was very cooperative….(for a few)

The naughty book left for Santa and written in invisible ink.  Not even a black light could decode what was written?  How do I know?  My eldest chick tried it, LOL!!

Tati and the children baked sugar and chocolate chip cookies for Santa.  They left a nice cold glass of soy milk for him as well.  Oliva and the pup were left to make sure only Santa ate his goodies.

Christmas eve we all peeped into our stockings and got to see the goodies we were blessed with.  Daddy got a little excited with the photographers camera and made her cry.

All she wanted to do was take picture of her favorite sister.  She likes to get up-close to get the perfect shot.

Christmas Day!!  OOooooo the Santa and his helpers stopped by.  We didn’t get a bag of coal after all….

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  1. Oh my goodness Chelle, you inspire me so. The cookie watchers are too cute too. LOL Though the holiday shots are adorable, I have to say that the pic of you and the Mr. is my fave.


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