Hairstyle Thursday – NC, Photographer

We have the cooties.  Yes, you read correctly.  Our household has been hit.  Everyone has the sniffles.  So, this week we are playing in cool with the hair.  My sister unbraided  baby chick #3’s hair for her.  The plan was to have it washed and styled today or tomorrow for this weekend.  Fever and runny noses scratched that quickly.  So instead of celebrating her 2 year birthday this weekend we will be nursing colds.

My cherished Palm Pre went to phone heaven so its replacement (Samsung Epic) helped me capture some images of the girls.  I haven’t grasped how to take photos with this phone yet so, bear with me.  This phone was snapping all out of turn.  I don’t know if it’s me or not but, I’m not feeling the quality.  I really need to read the manual.  OR better yet, can someone walk me through it.  Phones get more and more fancy as time goes on.

So, anyway back to the pics….Big braids it is for my youngest.  We have to attend the annual Christmas concert at school this evening so I pray she unbraid her hair before then.  Yes, she’s snot-faced and all with a mix of lipgloss, her sister gloves (what ’till she sees the pics,LOL).  She also, tried to “borrow” her sister’s dolls.

Big sister is elated that her hair is still going strong.  I put a side bun in and called it a day.  I’m having a “calgon take me away” day.   Sick children are no fun!!

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