Mine on Monday ~ Fall Festival – Huntersville, NC Photographer

We had fabulous food and fun at this year’s fall festival.  The weather decided we should play musical jackets – we had them on one minute and the next it was too cold.  We didn’t let that stop us!  We played, ate, made crafts, ate, enjoyed each others company, ate.  The food was DELICIOUS!!  I so wish I could share the taste of the chili with you.  All in all, ALL of my chicks enjoyed the festival.

Can you taste the angus burgers?

Even the chickens were volunteering to be cooked!

The cotton candy was so yummy! You just had to get all your fingers and face into it.

If you have a baby and don’t own a mei tai baby carrier, you NEED to get one.  Here’s what happens – mei tai bliss ZZZzzzzzz.

I got my money’s worth with this child right here!  She ate.  She went to EVERY booth.  She went on every moon bounce “ride” there was!  She was like the ENERGIZER bunny.  My eyes couldn’t move fast enough.

My son tried the 2-Liter ring toss.  The first time he won TWO 2-Liters.  So, as any mother would do, I encouraged him to try to win some more bottles.  My son won another – his contribution to pizza night.

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