Hairstyle Thursday – North Carolina, Photographer

I so had another style all set-up to braid.  My dear little one had other plans as usual.  She refused to stay still so, I introduce zig-zag cornrows and twist.  This is called “I braid it the way you give it to me”.  Each time she turned her head braided that side. This style evolved.

And since I haven’t posted any of my little baby in a while…

Big sister LOVED her twisthawk that I adapted from Glamazini.  Here’s the original:

Source: Roshini of

And with that lil sis says good day.

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  1. I’m sending the bug. Thanks. Oh, and I’ll also take the hairstyle from big sis…..

  2. YAY!!!!! *faint*

    I’m posting this on my blog today 🙂


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