We got the spirit!!! Yeah! Yeah!

We got, what what what what

(a what what what what what what what)

In honor of school spirit day…

Daddy’s contribution to it all…

In other news…  Ever wonder what goes on a scrap metal yard?  These are cars getting recycled.  We just stood watching for a good five minutes in awe, until one of the workers started waving at us and brought us back to reality!!  I so wish there was a recycling program back in Haiti.  Though my people do there own sort of recycling (nothing goes to waste in Haiti), there isn’t an official recycling program.  We could recycle and reproduce sooooo many things!!

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  1. Pam

    Love the haircut!!! I can’t say that I have ever wondered what happens in a recycling yard. lol!! I keep telling you that you need to go on a trivia show!!! rofl!


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