Hairstyle Thursday – Mooresville, NC Photographer

Every now and again I get the urge to create a “cool” hairstyle for the girls.  Well, at least my girls think the styles are cool.  Unfortunately lately, my finger tips on my right hand have been getting numb each time I braid hair.  My little chick wanted her hair done soooo badly so, I pushed myself to get halfway.  Tomorrow afternoon I’ll complete the look.  I just LOVE styles that are able to last 2-3 weeks!!  Music to my ears!

She’s sporting her very first “bang”!!  The roller couldn’t be unrolled fast enough so that she could swing her curls.

I had to post this shot.  As the shutter clicked, she shrieked!!  Apparently, a bug was crossing her path.  Mind you the bug didn’t even notice her.

hairstyle for kids

Baby Annabell so enjoyed being held on her back.  This doll and mei tai travel with us EVERYWHERE!!  She’s had this doll since she was TWO and they have been inseparable since.  She even went out to dinner with us and actually sat in a highchair in the restaurant!!

Oh yeah,  she’s still eyeing the bug.

And with that Baby Annabell and my little chick say…”That’s all folks!”  I’m always looking for hair inspiration.  If you have any photos or links with cornrows for girls I’d love to see them.

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  1. Lisa

    Rachelle…is this ur youngest??? Wait no it can’t be…. Well u did an fab job….and she is beautiful!

  2. Omigosh! Please come to Virginia and braid my daughter’s hair….. then take her picture. Lord knows she runs from me when she sees me with the camera.

  3. Ravensholst

    She is beautiful! Love the hair too. I need some cornrowing lessons from you. I figure if I start learning now, I should be ready by the time Alyssa’s hair is ready to get


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