Zoom Zoom!!

This summer has been one of the most busiest and most exhausting summers ever for me.  I thought summer vacations were supposed to be relaxing.  Our family has been on an adventurous roller coaster.  I signed everyone up for summer camp from tumbling to soccer to robotics, golf, swimming and more.  It looked so good on the family calendar. I played myself big time.  Not only did I add summer camps to my agenda but I was on a mission to find my family a place to call home.   Our days begin at 6:45am each day end around 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm each night.  Praises be, we didn’t give up and kept going.   We found a place to call our own and summer camps are almost over.  This week is the last week!!  I’ve never been so excited to see something come to an end.  The early morning, late nights and long drives have taken a toll on not only the children but mommy as well.

We’re all packed and ready to move, summer camps are drawing to a close and school begins August 10th.   Yes, SCHOOL.  I can’t believe it either.  Where did the summer go?  We’ve gone school shopping already, school forms have been filled out, and lunch for the month of August has already been ordered.


Be back soon with some peekchures!!  I have soooo many to share!

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