Mine on Monday…. Cousins – Denver, NC Photographer

I am slowly getting back in the grind with posting…

My nieces came all the way from Nigeria for the summer.  They enjoyed every minute they spent together.  I decided  to take them all out to document their time spent together.  I thought the location was perfect and they’d enjoy it.  Well, mommy forgot the bug spray and boy did the bugs eat them alive.  Lesson learned,  I now have Off in the trunk of the car at all times!!!!

Here’s a snippet of our girls day out…

My daughter is  very girly.  From dolls, to dress-up, nail polish and lip gloss she’s  in on it.  So,  when my ms. diva herself saw this purse at a local goodwill she had to have it.  I go in for vintage finds and she scores…go figure!  She carries this purse with all her “stuff” each and EVERYDAY.  Her “stuff” as she calls them, are items such as purell, various types of lipgloss, a few bottles of nail polish, a disposable potty topper (she keeps stock in her purse since she’s grossed out by public lavatories), snacks, etc.

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  1. OMG Chelle these are amazing. The one near the Cola machine stopped my heart. You are so gifted!

  2. Aisha G

    Your pictures make me want to cry-in a good way. You can just see the love….


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