Mine on Monday – Canned Book Report

We worked on a Canned Book Report.  I have never done a canned book report before so this assignment was really fun!!  Not only did my 3rd grade mister have to write a summary of My Life as a Human Hairball but he also had to make a bookmark, an illustration,  and a stick puppet of the main character.

Here are all the items that went into the can above.  The illustration shows how Wally and his friend Wall Street were miniaturized and traveled through the blood vessels in their friends body.  The stick puppet is of Wally McDoogle.  His facial expression is from when was sneezed out of his friends body.

To top it all off, the Canned Book Report had to be presented in class.  The presentation was a minimum of 5 minutes.   A summary of the book was shared with the class and either recommended to others or not. The students also had to ask 3 questions they had while reading the book (kinda like annotating) and write the questions on note cards.  After they read the book they shared the questions and answer to their question with the class.  I really loved that aspect as it helps the student think critically.

I HIGHLY recommend Bill Myers My Life as… series.  Great Christian books for children in grade school!!

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