My Valentine Baby’s Birthday Hoorah!

We’re BACCCKKK!!!  Yes, the children had a blast.  Arcade, kart racing and laser tag was more of a hit than I thought it would be.

The air hockey and foosball table was the place to be!!

Then the real fun began… These go-karts actually had breaks and gas pedals.  I wondered how the children would do.

Some tested the waters at first by going really slow while others pushed on the gas pedal with all their might to gain speed.  That’s my almost pre-teen in the #84 Kart.

Laser tag was next.  Boy did the kids enjoy it!  If I didn’t have my youngest tied to my back, I would have joined in on the fun.

Little sister wasn’t quite elated when she figured out it was her brother and his friends birthday party.  She just KNEW we were celebrating her birthday as well.  Next month is YOUR month baby.

Do you see what I mean?  She came to “help” her brother blow out the candles.  She’ll be 4 next month and is very much in party planning mode.  From the invites, to the location, decor and even her cake.  I’m surprised she didn’t ask me what she’s going to wear that day yet.

These two young men are in the same class and were born on the same day – Valentine’s Day.  What are the odds?  It was so cool to have them celebrate together.

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