Mine on Monday…my rooster and my three chicks

On Thursday, January 28th the residents of NC received a bread and milk alert.  The kids were excited.  “How could this be?”, I asked myself.  On the same day of the bread and milk alert I was only wearing a thin sweater.  Others were even wearing SHORTS!!  My oldest chick was hoping it would snow on Thursday evening so he’d have a 3-day weekend.  No such luck…it snowed on Friday evening through Saturday.  The news media advised everyone to stay home.

For those up north who may be scratching their heads wondering….”mmmmm…bread and milk alert? stay home just because of snow?”  Whaaaaa?”   Well, let me help you out.  Certainly, northerners will shake their head when they see half stocked grocery shelves.  No, snow doesn’t indicate that the world is coming to an end.  Yes, one does need other types of groceries to survive BUT, bread and milk are staples needed in most household no matter what.  Unlike up north the roads aren’t prepped, salted, or plowed the same way.  The majority of the roads are icy and extremely dangerous.  Hey, it’s unusual for snow to fall in North Carolina especially if you live in the southern portion of the state.

Oooo I almost forgot about the pictures!!

Now back to our day….

As my three chicks watched the snow fall from the living room window, they couldn’t help but beg and beg to go outside.  Hmmmphh…if you know me personally YOU know that I am not the one to just go and have fun in the COLD.   They waited and waited for Mr. Rooster to arrive from work.  If I could share the video that plays in my head as I tell you this.  As soon as they heard the door open the chicks RAN to the front door to beg  daddy rooster.  He couldn’t help but oblige.  They scurried and quickly prepared themselves to brace the weather.  The snow was such an awesome treat!!  Even my tiniest chick ran to her room to get her coat and shoes.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get to enjoy the snow angels the older chicks made on Friday night or the snow fights that followed throughout the weekend.  She and I enjoyed the cozy heat indoors.

Doesn’t she look like she just wants to be outside too?

My three chicks enjoyed french toast, sandwiches, and cereal galore!!  They even got to sleep in on Monday, February 1st since schools and their extracurricular activities were cancelled.

SNOW FIGHT!!!  The first photo is my eldest plotting to throw that big chunk of snow at his sister who is playing in the snow…(you can see a small snip of her coat at the bottom of the photo).

Daddy Rooster enjoying the view of the snow fight right on the rocking chair.  I had to get these shots (from inside of course).

They came back with runny noses and wet clothes.

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