Mine on Monday….moved for a very special day

I’ve been holding this post for a bit because it’s dedicated to my valentine’s baby.  I can’t believe he’s 9 already!!  Where has the time gone?

I’m so proud of him.  He is always the top of his class.  I worried how he’d adjust in his new school when we moved to North Carolina.  I was more worried than he.  He jumped in feet first and went on as if he attended the school since pre-k.   Though he does miss his “childhood” friends, he’s made new one’s here.

Today we will celebrate his day with family and friends at a kart racing track.  He and a classmate have the same birthday.  So, how cool is it that they get to have a birthday party together?  He’s sooooo excited that he told me that he’s been counting down and now there are 13 hours left.

As for photos….

Here is what I did for valentine’s day.  I hear it isn’t cool to do hearts and such when you’re a boy.  Every idea I came up with was shot down by my VB (valentine’s baby).  Finally, he agreed to ONE and was surprisingly excited about it.  I began to plan for his shoot and with the help of a few local mommies he was able to become YOUR guitar hero…

Here’s the original:

and here it is printed from our home printer with a lollipop inserted.

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  1. Pam

    Very nice Rachelle!!! Happy Birthday to your “VB”!!!

  2. Maggie

    Look at my little prince growing up so fast.

  3. Hope

    Look at Rakeem!!!
    He is just the cutest…!
    He is so Handsome….


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