Mine on Monday…

Five days a week and sometimes six, I homeschool my oldest daughter.  Usually my little will sit and join in.  Not this day.  She decided she wanted to be on her own.  While reading a story with my oldest daughter beside me, I saw something strange at the corner of my eye.  What was it?   Well, my friendly black box is never far so…. mmmm I’ll let you see for yourself.

I finally got to test out my macro lens.  I asked for a volunteer and of course my son left the room rather quickly and I know my little one would not stay.  My volunteer was?  You guessed it!!

First, she had to fix her hair, then she had to give me a pose.  All this followed by “let me see what the picture looks like”.  When I explained to her that I wanted to take a few shots of her eyes, she opened them as wide as she could.  I had to laugh, since she couldn’t hold them open after all.  She blinked 50 million blinks per second (okay a bit of an exaggeration).  We finally got on the same page a few minutes later. I think I have the perfect “eye” model!!

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