Mine on Monday

From the time my first born was a baby, I took TONS of photos.  Back then, I was using a 35mm camera and processing film was a chore!!  Nonetheless, I kept taking pictures and couldn’t wait to see how they transformed from a negative to a color or black/white photo.

Years have gone by, I now have THREE children. Gone is the 35mm and in is the DSLR. I’m now HORRIBLE at posting, printing and even gifting photos.  I just add more and more data to my external hard drives. One fellow photographer challenged a group of us to share images of our loved ones since so many of us don’t always find the time to take and/or share images of our own children. Instead of posting random post, I’ll post “Mine on Monday”.

I hope my children don’t run away as they usually do when the see the big black box that’s always in their face.  **Note to my children: “Please tolerate mommy’s constant clicks.  Pllleaaassssee.”

So, without further ado…here they are on Christmas Day (yes, I know I’m late!!).

Here’s how what we woke up to on Christmas Day.

As you can see they immediately had a tea party.  Mouth watering watermelon, delicious sizzling hot pizza, and thirst quenching tea was served.

The girls LOVE their table and chairs.  Baby R enjoyed the bead mania.  I love wood toys!!

I’ll admit it.  I’m a LEAPFROG mama to the core.  I’ve been a fan since 1995 when the first Phonics Desk came out.  I still remember how hard it was to find the product.  As my children grow LeapFrog is right there with them aiding them to excel.  Now, if you have a child learning to read I highly recommend the LeapFrog tag system.  It’s similar to the LeapFrog LeapPad system except you don’t have to deal with cartridges. Everything is stored on the reading pen.  You do have to have access to the internet to download the books on to the pen through LeapFrog’s website.  Did I say how I love LeapFrog?  Well, my children do too!

My eldest couldn’t wait for night fall.  As soon as the sun set, he and his father explored the moon and the stars.

With our youngest on the other hand…she decided there was more fun in playing with the lime green power drill.

Here’s my competition.  She’s always cooking and sharing new recipes with me.  Everyone in the family raves about her delicious meals.

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  1. Weyatta

    These are great. The kids are growing up so fast. Just beautiful. Tell Nana I’m waiting on my meal. Kisses to them.

  2. Teri

    I love the Christmas photos! oh the kiddies have gotten so big! I need to learn more about Leap Frog!


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