Mine on Monday – Huntersville, NC Photographer

I’m sliding in just before the clock strikes 12am.

I’ve tried, I’ve tried, I’ve tried.  My other two children refuse to take photos.  As soon as my eldest see’s me take out my camera he goes to the other room.  I have to get him in the mood I guess.  Recently, we were reading blogs I subscribe to.  His eyes rested on a photo and he said “mommy that would make a great picture for you to do”.  Eagerly, I said “oooohh let’s do it!!”   He quickly responded “oh no, not for me.  I was thinking for someone else”.   I tell ya…it’s my mission to get him.

Now my youngest….well she doesn’t run away.  Lately, she’s just super curious about the camera lens staring in her direction.  She likes to come up to my lens and touch my precious lens with her sticky little fingers.

So, this leaves me to my middle child.  She ENJOYS taking pictures of her.  I don’t even have to bribe.  Although, she doesn’t like the task of  unbraiding or having  her hair cornbraided, she LOVES the end result.  We know that hair braiding is an art.  At her tender age…she looks forward to looking in the mirror after mommy is done and says each time “mommy, I like it.  My hair is pretty!”.   And at my age, I enjoy getting a vacation from doing her hair on a daily basis. She and I are both happy.

Here’s her most recent style.  She and her super cute silly faces.  That’s what makes her soooo unique.

And here are others

And here’s a just because. On her way to gymnastics when all the leaves and plants were green.

And remember this photo below?  It’s the same style above.  I took all the white beads out and started to unbraid her hair.  Did I tell you it takes a few days for me to complete the dreaded task?  I take them down in sections so we don’t have to sit too long.

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  1. Nimma

    WOW!!!! Love your photos. And your family is gorgeous:) God bless you and I wish you tons of success with your business

  2. adaobi onyechi

    this is awesome, i pray for success, breakthrough, and all the very best in business, hallelujah, amen.

  3. Danielle (ravensholst)

    She is soo gorgeous! All of your kids are!


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