Introducing Baby B! – Cornelius, NC Newborn Photographer

Beautiful Baby B!!  Just 8 days old.  We had quite the introduction.  At first she did not want to participate, I began to wonder if she knew what would ensue.  But you know what?  There’s something about a mommy’s milk because Baby B went into a milk comma shortly after she filled her belly.  I had a field day after that!!

This was a quick test shot but I just HAD to process this photo.  If you’re a parent, you can relate to this photo.  The love of siblings is like no other.  It may show itself in several forms, but the bond between siblings will last a lifetime.  D, I just want to let you know that there will be MANY days like this.  Your baby sister will be at your heals each step of the way.  At times you’ll love the attention and other times,  you may wonder “why me?”.  In her eyes you are her “superhero” –   treasure each moment.

Here’s the whole family.  Aren’t they all gorgeous?

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  1. Carissa

    BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the pics! Congratulations guys, Brynn is a Dollbaby!!!

  2. Trenae

    I love love love the pics..Beautiful pics for a BEAUTIFUL Family…I love you guys. Can’t wait to get the

  3. Heidi

    These are absolutely beautiful!!! I was showing my co-workers and they love the pictures also!

  4. Danielle

    Beautiful family!!


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