Twas the night before Christmas….

when all through the house prepared for…..


Yes, it’s been quite a while.  Each time I scheduled to take photo’s of my children either they got sick or they REFUSED to have their photo taken.  This time I talked about having their photo’s taken every day to get them psyched.  I even set their clothes out about a week in advance.

Christmas eve was at our doorstep.  The children did get dress and they did sit.  I thought I had it made!!  Little did I know that my own children would make me work for each and every shot.  Bribery for my two eldest children was a tool that only worked for a short time.  For my youngest she sat for Gerber Puffs but dare mommy interrupt her snack session!
We started with this photo.  For about 4 minutes Rehanna would give me a “side smile” as she calls it.

My husband then gave our little one a Blues Clues video to watch.  Everyone was intrigued.  All was quiet and all was still.  I went with what they gave…Hey, if you can’t beat ’em you gotta join ’em.

By the second shot the youngest of them all was seriously into the video.  Then by shot three she realized her sister was enjoying the SAME video she so enjoyed.  So what better to do than give your sister a glare, take your SISTER’s portable video player and walk away.

The other’s must have taken that as a sign.  Much to my chagrin, they all began to scurry.  I pleaded “please, please,  just a few more pictures”.  The older children obliged…but our youngest refused.  She wanted to snack and walked to the kitchen.

As my son and my oldest daughter sat, still they muttered “we want to eat and play the wii”.  They even pouted, but  just before I’d say “click”… they’d cracked a smile. Each facial expression said “how many more clicks must we endure?”

Our little one was still eating and kept walking away.  So I decided to bring out the rocking chair.

OOOHHHH yeah….And if you’re wondering…the answer is “no, my Christmas tree does not have heart shaped lights”.  I was trying something new with my lens. Aren’t the hearts oooohhh soooo CUTE!!

Things were going okay at first.  THEN her belly was full.  It was time to let the energy OUT.  She decided to rock back and forth on her sister’s rocking chair.  Though she was having fun, mommy’s heart began to jump, jump, jump.

We quickly swapped chairs and she gave me the cutest smile!!  But then, after she heard the camera click she quickly jumped off the chair and ran to the Christmas tree.  I, like the mamarazzi  that I am, swiftly followed.

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  1. Natasha Nicholes

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Romaine (Ro)

    Just Wonderful!!!

  3. Danielle

    Beautiful pics and beautiful kids!

  4. Jacque Bern

    OMG! Rachelle, I miss them! They are getting so big!

  5. Seanna-Kaye Denham

    These are amazing pics of some pretty amazing kids! Nice!

  6. You’re amazing with a camera. Beautiful pics!!!

  7. your work is beyond amazing!

  8. Pam

    Great job!!! I was all into the narration and of course I was going to ask where did you find heart shaped lights. lol


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