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We’ve never done a maize maze.  I’m glad we did this together.  Everyone was excited!!  It was a huge, mind-bending corn maze that kept us guessing every step we took.  This maze should have only taken us at most 50 minutes.  Well, it took my family and I a total of 4.5 hours to find all the clues at each mailbox to create a map that should have helped us find our way out.  Boy is that easier said than done.



IMG_5089 copy

We had to carry a flag the ENTIRE way.  That was the hardest part of our journey.  One flag was give to each family and used in case we needed help.  If in need we would just raise the flag high above the corn.   Rania had the best seat in town…she went from mommy’s back to mommy’s front and never had to walk.  I love my babywearing days.



We then visited the animals in and around the barn.  Rehanna loved the farm cat!!
IMG_5213 copy

Rania loved the pumpkins!


Can you tell my kids just love the camera?

IMG_5159 copy 2

Did she just stick her tongue out at me?


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