Huntersville, NC Photographer

We went out to the Amazing Maze Maize and we had a BLAST!!  Here are a few teasers.  I’ll post some more after I process them.



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  1. simply beautiful, pure & real!…I’ll call you to fill you in on exactly all the elements I love about your brand new site! 😉 You are DOIN’ IT Lady!

  2. I’m so proud of you! Long awaited launch is here! WOOHOO!

  3. Rachelle Yakubu Photography

    Thank you everyone!! I’m getting the hang of this new site. Certainly, different from HTML. I’m sooooo geeked!! Spread the word in a few

  4. Rakeem

    your pictures are so great. Could you take pictures for me?

  5. Camillia

    I love your site. Really professional & catchy!

  6. victor

    well well i can only say very BEAUTIFUL


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